If you have a daDup account, adding it to you Veeam is easy.

First you have to mount the daDup storage at “Backup Repositories”:

veeam dadup 01
Select Object storage, followed by S3 Compatible. Name you storage and continue.

veeam dadup 02

The name of the service point is nl.dadup.eu. Region may not be empty so fill out NL. Enter your Access key & Secret key under Credentials.

Select your Bucket (if you do not have one, create one with a tool like Dragondisk) and create a Folder. Click next followed by Finisch and you are done.

In order to use the storage, you have to create a “Scale-out Backup Repository” (SOBR). You can use this later on as storage for you backup jobs. The SOBR is a combination of local storage and remote storage where you select when to use the daDup S3 storage.

veeam dadup 04

Version 10 of Veeam Backup & Recovery will have new features. The “Scale-out Backup Repository” will be able to write directly to daDup. This will save SSD/flash storage. Especially for customers that have an TCC or TCC-Edge.